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Sponsors deserve the best and managing them should be easy

Is that too much to ask? Not at all. That’s why we have created the Sponsor and VIP module, which enables you to give them the service they deserve and make the management of them much easier.


Sponsor & VIP management

The Venue Manager platform gives you the option to offer your sponsors a fixed amount of tickets per game or a pool of tickets that can be used over the course of the season.


The system includes a self-service module, giving your sponsors complete control over their ticket usage – and by logging in they can get their tickets themselves for each individual match. These tickets can even be forwarded to specific colleagues or guests who are going to the game.

Pre-match events

As a part of the self-service module the system provides the opportunity for sponsors to sign up for dinners or other events before the match. The registrations are of course picked up by the system while lounge allocation and specific table plans are made directly in Venue Manager.

Main modules

Read more about the other main modules.

Spectators and visitors

Tickets, access control and statistics

Fans and regulars

Season tickets, marketing and sales of merchandise, F&B, accommodation etc.

Venue app

Tickets, season tickets, F&B, news, programme, display and more, everything in one app

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