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Main modules

Learn more on what our platform can offer your business.

Spectators & guests

Tickets, access control and statistics

Fans and regulars

Season cards, marketing and sales of merchandise, F&B, accommodation etc.

Sponsors and VIP

Management and self-service of B2B-tickets and VIP-events.

Venue app

Tickets, cards, F&B, news, program, display and more, everything in one app


Sports and music have changed drastically throughout time, so why shouldn’t the way of doing business change as well? Of course it should. In close cooperation with our customers, we redefine the way of doing business every day within the field of sports and event. We innovate the way in which tickets are sold, the way sponsors, regular guests and audiences are managed. We innovate workflows and create a better starting point for the hard-working employees and volunteers at your events.


Stability is in our opinion not something to highlight, it’s fundamental! Our system is coded by our own experienced developers. This creates a stable system that you can count on. Several successful large-sale events insures that with our system and setup the system will stand – Even during extremely busy periods! We have effective test procedures which makes sure that updates won’t fail when they are live.


The World is not black and white and neither does software need to be. Our system is flexible and can be adjusted to your specific needs. We make integrations to both ERP and CRM systems. This optimizes the output of your combined IT systems. We know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer customized projects and functions which fulfill your specific needs.


The newest and updated version at any time. With the Venue Manager system, you will always get the newest updates and features at no extra charge. We won’t stop the development of our system in the same way our customers won’t stop developing and improve the experience for guests and spectators. We share the same value, that’s why you will experience a system which constantly evolves and adds new useful tools to the toolbox.

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  • Ticketing & Season Tickets
  • Merchandise & Fan Shop
  • F&B + Fast Lane
  • Sponsor Management
  • Access Control & Security
  • App for iPhone & Android

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Overall the interplay between Venue Manager and AGF is a winner worthy and deserves an E-commerce award to the cupboard.

Overall the interplay between Venue Manager and AGF is a winner worthy and deserves an E-commerce award to the cupboard.
FDIH E-commerce Award 2018