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Puzzles and great thoughts

Yesterday we gathered representatives from our partners in the Danish sport clubs to the annual user group meeting. These meetings are the opportunity for club representatives to influence the future development of the Venue Manager solution as well as to discuss everyday challenges and new ideas with their colleagues across clubs, leagues and sports.

The focus of yesterday’s meeting was the future development of our product and the features we have in the product pipe line for the coming years. To free the creative minds, we approached this meeting slightly different from what the participants are used to. This included puzzles, post-its, and stickers, and resulted in a higher level of creativity in the group than at our previous meetings.

The club representatives were divided into smaller groups to work on the purchase flows for tickets, merchandise, and season tickets in order to identify opportunities for additional sales to the end users.

That resulted in numerous exciting discussions about functionality and different usage of the solution. It is our experience that the club representatives often learn more about the possibilities in the solution if they get to chat with someone who uses it in a very different way than they do themselves.

Through the exercise with the puzzles, we have collected well defined use cases and gotten a better insight into the different needs and wishes the clubs could have for the new functionalities. This will all be the focal point of the development of our new feature, which will be released this summer.

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