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Ticket sales regardless of the device.


Our shops are responsive. This ensures that your ticket sales are always adapted no matter what device your spectators prefer.


The Award-winning Venue Manager engine is an advanced high-end ticketing system which is used for the sales and management of any type of ticket.
Apart from standard tickets, the system can also handle rules for discounts, pre-purchase, reserved tickets etc.

Acces control.

Venue Manager offers its own software in flexible handheld scanners or fixed turnstiles, giving 100% controlled flow for tickets and season tickets. Alternatively, the solution can be integrated with existing access systems.

Responsive shop.

Venue Manager is of course
created in a responsive design, which ensures the best possible buying experience regardless of whether the customer is using a PC, tablet or Smartphone.


The system gathers large amounts of customer data, purchase history, ticket and season ticket usage etc. This data can be visually projected in a variety of statistics, gaining valuable customer insight to be used to make informed decisions with regards to targeted marketing – all compliant with GDPR.

Seat chart.

Tickets can be sold as un-numbered or attached to a seat map with numbered seats. Furthermore, it is possible to use several seating plans during the course of a season, while it is also possible to adjust the individual seat map e.g. for special events where additional seating is created.

Main modules

Read more about the other main modules.

Fans & regulars

Season cards, marketing and sales of merchandise, F&B, accommodation etc.

Sponsors & VIP

Management and self-service of B2B-tickets and VIP-events.

Venue app

Tickets, cards, F&B, news, program, display and more, everything in one app

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