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When your fans should have more.

We know that fans and regulars are an important part of your business. That’s why we make sure your regulars have access to all the cool merchandise. Furthermore, we ensure optimal exposure of your merchandise and we make the management of season ticket much easier.


Season tickets.

The system facilitates online sales and renewals of season tickets – be it traditional season tickets, memberships, reservations, subscriptions or season tickets paid in instalments. The administrator can print out the season tickets directly on a card printer themselves or, alternatively, Venue Manager can provide the service of printing and delivery. In addition, the tickets can be issued digitally instead of traditionally printed tickets. 
Venue Manager enables the upsale of new season ticket
products, e.g. the customer can buy a slightly more expensive
season ticket containing food and drink for every game. Food and drink is simply added to the season ticket, which will be scanned at collection by the counter.


The large amount of statistics within the system helps your marketing to become more targeted, individual and relevant. With complete insight into the customers’ purchase patterns and purchase history, you’ll be able to provide the right content at the right time.



The system contains a complete and refined webshop made for sales of e.g. merchandise.

Inventory management, various sizes, color etc. is standard and by combining merchandise and ticket sales, you're almost guaranteed more revenue. Be creative and offer deals that includes tickets, merchandise and F&B, giving the customer the best opportunity for online shopping.

Main modules

Read more about the other main modules.

Spectators & guests

Tickets, access control and statistics

Sponsors & VIP

Management and self-service of B2B-tickets and VIP-events.

Venue app

Tickets, cards, F&B, news, program, display and more, everything in one app

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