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Bonner SC


Bonner SC plays in Regionalliga West in season 2018/2019 and is our first German customer. As a pilot customer, Bonner SC has helped us adjust our software, so it “speaks” German. For example, we have integrated with GiroSolutions, the payment gateway supported by Deutsche Sparkasse.


Implemented Venue Manager Software

Since Bonner SC – like most small clubs – has limited resources, we chose an incremental implementation process. The first step towards a fully integrated solution was the commissioning of the merchandise shop, which has run 100% on Venue Manager software since the beginning of 2018.


Venue App

In the beginning of August 2018, Bonner SC decided to go live with Venue Manager’s Fan App, which gives the club a direct way to communicate with their fans and provides their sponsors with a new marketing platform. Bonner SC makes great use of the app as a live ticker for each game and using the MVP and TippSpiel modules for home games. Bonner SC has also integrated their game magazine “BLAUROT!” in the app, enabling their fans to prepare for the game at home, and giving the sponsors more reach by providing additional readers than only those the stadium. This also saves Bonner SC a substantial amount in printing costs.



A fan survey has shown that the fans are happy with the improved merchandise shop and especially the improved communication through the app. The sponsors are happy to see the increased focus on digitalization and the improved marketing channels for them. This has given Bonner SC more arguments to improve sponsor revenue and better options to improve fan loyalty and game attendance. The Bonner SC staff is happy to work with the system and likes the fact that the administration for shop and app has been centralized and is easy to work with.


Next steps

  • Mobile ticketing
  • Implementation of sponsor vouchers
  • Public catering via Venue App
  • Improved social media marketing



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