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Roskilde Festival to digitalise access control

Photo: Krists Luhaers

Denmark’s largest festival is now taking the first step towards digital access control and it has chosen Venue Manager for the job.

Roskilde Festival 2019 will see the beginning of a digital upgrade with implementation of small changes that gradually can be rolled out across the whole festival.

Initially, the festival has decided to digitalise access control to all areas reserved for artists, volunteers, sponsors/VIPs etc., which means that approx 40.000 wrist bands will be verified digitally at turnstiles, entrance gates and by hand held scanners.

Previously, the wristbands were only checked visually, but the time for an upgrade has come. Digitalised access control has great advantages, says Steen Bechmann Hemmingsen, IT Manager at Roskilde Festival:

'First and foremost this is a security upgrade, and in future we will be more in control over who has access to what during the festival.

We’re working with many so-called zones during our festival, and it is really important that we can control exactly who has access to the various zones and who is present within them.

The electronic access control is also a great tool to measure the speed by which we can get people through the turnstiles. Gathering this improved data helps our efforts to create smooth and effective access control without inconveniences such as queuing.

In addition, the advanced access control makes it possible to assign certain ’rights’ dynamically, e.g. we can let an artist have access to their relevant backstage area on the day they perform, and then revert to limited access the other days.’


For several years, Venue Manager has worked with Smukfest and Skive Festival among others, and is of course delighted to welcome Denmark’s largest festival:

’We’re extremely proud that Roskilde Festival has chosen us to partner up with them in the exciting process they’ve started. We’re very experienced in this field and we understand what the festival wants to achieve with the project.

With this year’s festival, hopefully we can lay a solid foundation for a successful partnership for years to come. We certainly feel well equipped to handle the job’, says Peter Richardt, Business Director at Venue Manager.


Roskilde Festival runs from 29th June – 6th July and Venue Manager has already started preparing this year’s supplies such as turnstiles, entrance gates and handheld scanners (in partnership with Godik) – and of course the advanced software which enables seamless communication between all units.

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