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First festival in Germany: Greenjuice Festival

If you happen to be strolling around in the centre of the former West German capital Bonn on the 16th - 17th of August, chances are you will hear the heavy beats from the city’s indie-punk rockfestival, Greenjuice Festival.

The festival attracts 10.000 happy visitors annually and for the first time in its 10-year history, an app is introduced to give new opportunities to the festival goers and staff. 

This app is an extension of the Venue App, which is already implemented in several of our Danish and German sports clubs.

The app helps the visitors find their way around the festival, it shows the line up, the schedule and - as something completely unique – offers from stalls and sponsors in the form of digital vouchers, which can be saved in the app’s built-in wallet.

Furthermore, the event organisers can send out push notifications with news to the visitors or other important information to the 400 festival staff.

The staff also receive digital vouchers for food and drink, which can be used at selected stalls or in the backstage area, saving a lot of hassle, paperwork and administration time for the organisers.

In addition, Greenjuice gives the users of the app the opportunity to use cashless payments during the festival through BlueCode, a new payment product from Sparkassen Gruppen. Walter Ariesen, Export Director at Venue Manager explains:

”BlueCode is a natural part of our app, but in a country where paying by cash is still prevalent, it will be interesting to see how the new payment option is received.”


From the 15th of July the app can be downloaded to iOS and Android – also in Denmark!



On the picture the Greenjuice management can be seen with the Venue Manager team.

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